This stand is built completely out of Reboard®️. Reboard®️ is made from high quality engineered cardboard, commonly used to build stage sets, exhibition stands and pop-up stores. Reboard®️ contains no harmful components and utilises water-based adhesives. The board is FSC certified and can be recycled as paper in normal waste-paper streams found throughout the world.

These kinds of Stands are traditionally built using MDF panels. MDF is much heavier and requires additional labour compared to the lighter Reboard®️ product. MDF panels also have a negative impact on the environment. The binding agent in MDF is formaldehyde, which is extremely toxic and often seeps through landfill and into our oceans killing sea life.

With three free-standing walls this Reboard®️ Stand is ideal for use in a high-traffic area, where the unit can be approached from all sides. Its dimensions are 6m(w) x 3m(h) x 3m(d).

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6m x 3m x 3m11000--
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