Re-Board®Media Walls Flat 2.4 M

Reboard® is made from high quality engineered cardboard, commonly used to build stage sets, exhibition stands and pop-up stores. Reboard® contains no harmful components and utilises water-based adhesives. The board is FSC certified and can be recycled as paper in normal waste-paper streams found throughout the world.

Our Flat Reboard® Media Wall is 2.4 metres in height, has an exposed back, a depth of 266mm and is ideal for areas with minimal to no traffic towards the rear of the unit. All boxed media walls by Next Printing have a depth of 300mm Walls may require weight to be placed on the back of the structure for areas with air-current for maximum stability.

All Reboard® Flat Media Walls produced by Next Printing will come with instructions for installation. No specific training is required. If you would like Next Printing to manage the installation or the recycling process of your Reboard® Media Wall, please contact us on (02) 8622 5500.

Hint: Use the templates from the tab above to create your artwork. Once finished and when you have selected the product you want produced, you will be taken to our editor for a final check. Here you will be able to see how your pre-trimmed and trimmed Reboard® Media Wall will appear.

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